Finance and Account


  • Provides Financial Services to the OAGF
  • Preparation of Annual budget for the AGF
  • Submission and defense of the Budget to Budget Office of the Federation and the National Assembly
  • Receipt and Disbursement of Funds to OAGF Headquarters, Zonal and Federal Pay Offices
  • Monitoring of Budget Performance
  • Process all approved payments in OAGF
  • Preparation and payment of salaries in OAGF
  • Maintains all the necessary and statutory books of Accounts
  • Prompt and accurate processing of monthly salaries
  • Prompt processing and payment of all approved personal advances
  • Prompt retirement of Advances
  • Prompt processing and payment of a; approved purchases and contracts
  • Prompt processing and payment of Gratuity
  • Collection of Contributory Pension Deductions when salaries are paid.
  • Prompt rendition of Accounts of the OAGF to Consolidated Accounts Department

The activities of the department are carried out by the following divisions:



  • Preparation of annual budget for submission to the Budget Office in consultation with all the department of OAGF and after consideration by the top management of the office;
  • Liaison with the budget office for release of warrant and AIEs for funds meant for the Office of Accountant General of the Federation
  • Preparation of request for release of cash into the Offices’ main capital account from the Central Capital account on receipt of necessary approval from the appropriate quarters.
  • Monitoring and control of expenditure to ensure that aggregate spending is in accordance with the amount given under various budget control as contained in the Appropriation Act.
  • Preparation of reports on Annual Budget Performance Evaluation and collation of expenditure returns from the state offices.


  • Allocation of funds to various sub-heads on receipt of warrant from the budget office and processing of AIEs to Other Charges for payments under both the Capital and Recurrent expenditures.
  • Liaison with the funds department of OAGF for cash backing of warrants and AIES issued in favour of the Office;
  • Processing of AIEs to Federal Pay Office nationwide for the payment of staff salaries and overhead expenditures.
  • Supervision of vote book maintenance in respect of all funds received by the office – personnel, Overhead and Capital Accounts

Central Pay Office

  • Raising of cheques for payment to contractors and other beneficiaries.
  • Receipts of Federal Government revenue.
  • Maintenance of cashbooks and other relevant registers.
  • Liaison with the Central Bank for processing of estacode.
  • Remittance of statutory deduction.

Checking Section

  • Check to ensure that supporting documents accompany payment vouchers.
  • Check to ensure that payments are duly entered into Vote Bolls and that there is sufficient fund for such payments.
  • Checking of Payment Vouchers for completeness, accuracy, correctness and compliance with the Rules and Regulations.

Salaries Section

  • Preparation of staff salaries, maintenance of group register, ensuring that all statutory deductions are done as at when due.
  • Maintain Salary Vote Books
  • Prepare payment vouchers for NYSC/IT members’ allowances and O/T allowances for deserving staff.
  • Other charges Section
  • Preparation of payment vouchers for services rendered and goods supplied by third parties as well as staff claims and advances.
  • Maintain the liability taken on the appropriate Head/Subheads and even Advances granted on Vote Books.
  • Clear the Vote books of such liability records and for advances retired.
  • Prepare payment vouchers for any special approval.
  • Maintenance of Vote Books for both Recurrent and Capital Expenditures.

Advances section

  • Process payment vouchers for all approved requests on advances/loan personal and/or non – personal, salary advances, spectacle advance, and correspondences advance etc.
  • Prepare vouchers for the retirement of advances granted and inserting treasury form No.15.
  • Processing of gratuity for the retirees in the office of the Accountant – General of the federation.
  • Maintenance of contributory Pension Accounts records.
  • Final Accounts Section
  • Preparation of transcript for the office of Accountant General of the Federation.
  • Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statements.
  • Rendition of the OAGF accounts to the Consolidated Accounts department.


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