Planning, Research and Information Technology

Following the Civil Service Reforms and restructuring exercise carried out in 2006, Planning, Research and Statistics Department, was as one of the core Departments in all MDAs service-wide, restructured in the first quarter of 2007. The restructuring led to the creation of the Department of Planning, Research and Information Technology. Following this development, two new Divisions, namely; Information Technology (IT) and Integrated Personnel & Payroll Information System (IPPIS) were added to the two existing Planning and Research & Statistics Divisions. Structurally, the IPPIS Division belongs to the PR&IT Department although for operational reasons; due essentially to its payroll responsibilities, the Director, Finance & Accounts Department oversees its activities. The newly created Capital & Recurrent Procurement Division is domiciled in the PR & IT Department. This brings the Current Divisions to 5nos. namely; Planning, Research and Statistics, Information Technology, Procurement and IPPIS. The Staff and functions of the former Supplies Division which were until recently under the Administrative Department were transferred to the Department and have formed part of the Capital and Recurrent Procurement Division.


The Planning Division performs, among others, the following functions:
  • Prepare the development plans (medium and perspective) for the Office which are fed into the National rolling plan
  • Co-ordinates the preparation of annual budget of the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation in the Office.
  • Remits returns on development projects to the National Planning Commission.
  • Preparation of OAGF Annual Report.
  • Preparation of Ministerial Press briefings.
  • Preparation of OAGF Annual Work Plan.
  • Coordination and Preparation of OAGF Rolling Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Capital Projects of the OAGF.
  • Policy reforms, especially the accounting policy reforms and monitoring of their implementation by working with the relevant departments to monitor the implementation.
  • Involvement in aspects of international cooperation, e.g. bilateral and multilateral cooperation with World Bank, IMF, UNDP, NEPAD etc., in so far as such activities relate to project implementation within the OAGF.
  • National Development Planning such as NEEDS, 7 – Point Agenda, Vision 2020 etc.
  • Coordination of periodic Plan Reviews whether quarterly, semi -annual or annual reviews.
  • Development of appropriate project databases, and the reporting, monitoring and evaluation of OAGF projects such as IPPIS, GIFMIS, e-payment and those relating to IT.


The Division performs the following functions:

  • Research into internal organization and operational modalities of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.
  • Publishes the quarterly and annual manpower statistics of the OAGF.
  • Researching into sectors over which the Office has jurisdiction

The Division is composed of Statistics and Research branches. The statistics branch is divided into; the sect oral section, and, the internal section. The sect oral section is composed to gather data on the various sectors of the economy. The Internal section complies data on manpower statistics and publishes the quarterly bulletin of Manpower Statistics and Annual Statistical Report.

The Research branch is made up of Sect oral, Efficiency and Operations Organization Method and Research (OOMR) section.

Functions of Research & Statistics Division
  • Planning Research & Statistical programmes, surveys and investigation exercise relevant to the OAGF.
  • Collection, Collation and Analysis of Statistics, and preparation of OAGF Annual Statistical Digest.
  • Constant collection and processing of statistical data relating to the Federal Treasury.
  • Collating and preparation of OAGF Annual Progress Reports/Achievements and Ministerial briefing.
  • Represent the OAGF in Research and Statistical meetings and programmes organized by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), World Bank, UNDP and other such bodies.
  • Research into sectors over which the OAGF has jurisdiction.
  • Research into the internal organization and operation modalities of the OAGF Headquarters and Federal Pay Offices.
  • Evalution of FPOs in line with Organizational Operation Management Research (OOMR).
  • Coordinates insurance matters.
  • Mangages Departmental registry.


The Library is popularly referred to as the research/documentation Centre of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation. It is established to provide the following services:
  • Bring together, and disseminate information to members of staff.
  • Make available for consultation, reference materials, this include:
  • Federal Government gazettes, reports, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks etc.
  • Provide daily newspapers, news magazines, Journals etc to members of staff.
  • Borrow books and materials to registered members of staff.

The overall management of human and material resources in the library.

Collection Development:
The selection and purchase of relevant research materials. It includes gifts and exchange of documents.

Catalogue and Classification:
Is often referred to as, ‘behind the scence activity: It involves the processing of newly acquired materials, location of shelves, etc.

Reader services:
An atmosphere is created whereby readers interact freely with the reading materials and the library staff in terms of making inquires.



  • Preparation and submission of Annual Procurement plan for Recurrent and Capital Budget to the Tender Board for approval;
  • Provision of secretariat services to the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) and Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) meeting.
  • Responsible for processing of procurement of all goods, works and services of the OAGF in line with extant provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
  • Conduct of market Surveys to ascertain cost implications of Works, Goods and Services to guide procurement process;
  • Monitoring the execution and implementation of OAGF Capital Project.
  • Preparation and submission to advertising media documents for soliciting quotations, prequalification documents, bids, quotations and requests for proposals etc;
  • Submission of Evaluation Reports to the Tenders Board for Prequalification, Bids, quotations and Consultants Proposals for approval;
  • Liaises with the Bureau of Public Procurement regarding OAGF Annual Procurement needs;
  • Preparation of Tender notifications and request for expressions of interest;
  • Receiving and arranging opening of prequalification, documents, Bids quotations and request for proposals;
  • Submission of quotations for minor value procurement (below Naira 1.0 Million) to the Accounting Officer for approval;
  • Making arrangement for Contract negotiation;
  • Making arrangements for contract signing by the Accounting Officer;
  • Preparing responses to complaints for submission to the Tenders Board for approval;
  • Preparation of document on complaints for submission to the Bureau of Public Procurement.
  • Preparation of all data and information required by the Bureau; and
  • Any of other assignment that will be given by the Accounting Officer that will be given by the Accounting Officer that may be necessary to enhance performance of the procurement functions/ Division.


Functional Areas
The Division undertakes the following functions:
Hardware & Networking

  • Regular and on call inspection of personal computers (PCs) in OAGF;
  • Repairs and fixing of PCs and related peripherals;
  • Administration and maintenance of OAGF Local Area Network (LAN);
  • Preventive and periodic maintenance of all the Desktops,
  • Laptop, Printers and LAN Equipment in OAGF
  • Headquarters and FPOs;
  • Providing specification for computers to be acquired by OAGF.
  • Receiving and checking for standard of all computers and accessories supplied to OAGF;
  • Participating in any ad-hoc assignment giving to the department;
  • Maintenance of network security; and
  • Maintenance of existing computers.

Software and Documentation:

  • Development of IT policy document for OAGF;
  • Website Management;
  • Custodian and managers of all OAGF Software;
  • Developing and Maintaining of OAGF Website;
  • Training of OAGF staff on different application software;
  • Investigation and recording of existing manual system;

Data Centre Management

  • Database Planning, Development and Management;
  • Data Centre Application administration and user support;
  • Operating Environment Management;
  • Data Centre infrastructural Management;
  • Provision of Database services to end users; and
  • Provision of Database security.


The following are the MDAs collaborating in the implementation of IPPIS:

  • Office of the Accountant General of the Federation – Custodian of IPPIS as well as Payroll Administrator.
  • Federal Civil Service Commission – Biometric Data Capture
  • Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation – Human Resource Administrator;
  • Budget Office of the Federation, Federal Ministry of Finance – Preparation of Warrant; and
  • Office of the Auditor General for the Federation – Audit and Control Oversight.


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