Federal Project Financial Management Department2018-02-09T10:46:09+00:00

Duties of Director, FPFMD

  • Provision of Financial Management (FM) staff to World Bank Assisted Projects and other International Donor Agencies.
  • Training of Project Financial Management (PFM) staff on Development Partners’ Financial Management Procedures’.
  • Act as Approver in TSA/Remita Platform for Financial Operations of the Projects.
  • Evaluate Projects Accountants, Internal Auditors and Finance officers to determine their suitability and competence in World Bank and other Donor Agencies Accounting Procedures.
  • Act as signatory ‘B’ in the payment process of the World Bank and other Donor Agencies Projects
  • General Supervisor of FPFMD Department
  • Member, Top Management Team of the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation (OAGF)
  • Member, Disciplinary Committee of the OAGF
  • Relation with World Bank and International Economic Relations (IERs) Department of Federal Ministry of Finance and other Agencies
  • Providing direction and leadership for the Department.
  • Interface with Project Coordinators and Accountants as the need arises.