Schedule of Duties:

The schedule of the Procurement Unit includes the procurement of:
i. Goods
ii. Services (consultancy / non consultancy services)
iii. Works

In line with the PPA 2007
– Produce Annual Procurement Plan for the OAGF.
– Produce Annual Procurement Records of all Procurement activities within a Procurement year.
– Undertake Procurement planning for the OAGF by
i. Preparing the needs assessment and evaluation.
ii. Identifying the Goods, Services and Works required by the OAGF.
iii. Formation of the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC)
– Advertise Goods Services and works in accordance with the stipulations of the PPA 2007.
– Release bids for Goods, services and works. Evaluate and make selection of the bids in accordance with the PPA 2007.
– Obtain approval of the approving authority before making an award.
– Announce and publicise award in the format as stipulated by the PPA 2007.
– Obtain certificate of No Objection to award contract within the prior review threshold and request for “No Objection” for selective, Emergency and Direct Procurement method from the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) as stipulated by the PPA 2007.