Comprises of 4 Divisions:

  • Appointment, Promotion & Discipline
  • Pools Management
  • Supplies Division
  • Training & Staff Welfare


Specifically the Division performed the following functions:

  • Appointment and processing of documents on First Appointment, Confirmation of Appointment, etc, of officers into the various cadres on Grade Levels 01 – 06 as delegated by the Federal Civil Service Commission;
  • Documentation and processing of documents of Officers employed by the Federal Civil Service Commission and deployment to the Ministries;
  • Raising Salary Variation Advice for purposes of new Appointments, Promotion, Upgrading and Conversion, annual increment;
  • Provision of general Registry Service;
  • Conducting promotion exercises for Officers on Grade Levels 01 – 13 through the Senior and Junior Staff Committees;
  • Forwarding of briefs of Officers on Grade Levels 14 – 16 to the Federal Civil Service Commission for the purpose of promotion;
  • Processing additional qualification certificates of Officers for advancement, conversion and upgrading;
  • Handing other general administrative matters such as servicing of management meetings, posting and monitoring of Youth Corp members and students on Industrial Attachment, etc;
  • Treating transfer cases and Sundry staff deployment; and
  • Maintenance of discipline in the OAGF.


Specifically the Division performed the following functions:

  • Posting of suitable Accounts officers to various positions in the MDAs;
  • Monitoring of compliance with posting instructions; and
  • Serve as Secretariat of the Senior Management Posting Committee.


Specifically the Division performed the following functions:

  • Conducting market surveys for all Store items;
  • Management and monitoring of the Office Stores;
  • Issuing store items based on approved requisitions;
  • Processing payment after satisfactory execution of contract;
  • Ensuring that items supplies meet the specifications;
  • Management of the unserviceable items store; and
  • Outright purchase of store items needed urgently.


Specifically the Division performed the following functions:

  • Coordinating matters pertaining to the Ministry’s Sports Club and sporting activities;
  • Handling matters pertaining to National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS);
  • Processing applications for housing loans, motor vehicle/motor cycle advances;
  • Processing of retired Officers documents to the Office of Establishment and Management Services for gratuity and pension;
  • Overseeing the affairs of staff canteen matters;
  • Handling all Union and Industrial Relations matters;
  • Preparing annual training proposals and implementing approved training programme;
  • Programming, organizing and conducting in-house job improvement courses for junior officers;
  • Liaising with Manpower Development Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and other relevant institutions on training matters; and
  • Bonding of all Officers undergoing courses lasting twelve (12) months and above.





















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