Key Mandate/Functions Of Information Communication Technology Department
The Department undertakes the following functions:

(A) Hardware & Networking
i. Administration and maintenance of Office of the Accountant General of the Federation Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN);
ii. Preventive and periodic maintenance of all the Desktops, Laptops, Printers and LAN Equipment in OAGF Headquarters and Federal Pay Offices;
iii. Management of MDAs and FPOs network links to OAGF Primary and Secondary Data Centers;
iv. Supervision of Network projects;
v. Providing specification for computers to be acquired by OAGF;
vi. Providing quality/standard checks for all computers and accessories supplied to OAGF;
vii. Administering and securing OAGF integrated networks;
viii. Maintenance of existing computers;
ix. Providing Network support for Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Systems, Government Integrated Financial Management Information System and Human Resources Management Information Systems;
x. Participating in any ad-hoc assignment given to the Department.

(B) Software and Documentation
i. Development and maintenance of ICT Policy Document for OAGF;
ii. Custodian and managers of all OAGF Software;
iii. Development and maintenance of OAGF Website;
iv. Training of OAGF staff on different application software;
v. Investigation and recording of existing manual system.

(C) Data Centre Management
Data Centre Infrastructure Management including:
i. Data Centre Power Management;
ii. GIFMIS/IPPIS Application Storage Management;
iii. OAGF Data Centre Environment Management;
iv. Data Centre LAN/WAN cabling and Management;
v. Data Centre Application Administration and User support;
vi. GIFMIS/IPPIS Database Management.
Collaborative Efforts:
The ICT Department collaborates with the following Agencies:
i. Galaxy Backbone.
ii. NITDA.
iii. Federal Ministry of Communication Technology.
iv. CBN
v. Federal Ministry of Finance