What is IPPIS?

IPPIS is one of the Transformation  agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria with the aim of creating a centralized database system for Nigerian Public Service with single, accurate source of Employee information that provides integration with other business application

IPPIS Objectives

  1. Provide a centralized database to aid Governments manpower planning and decision making
  2. Facilitate automation & storage of personnel records to support monitoring of staff emolument payments against budget.
  3. Prevent wastage and leakages by ensuring staff remuneration is based on factually correct information.

Ensure prompt payment of salaries directly to Employees Account with appropriate deductions and remittances of 3rd party payments (e.g. Tax, Pension, Cooperatives, Union Dues and Bank Loans)


IPPIS Status – May 2014

  1. 257,516 Employees on IPPIS as at March 2014 Payroll
  • 218,330 Active Employees
  • 123 Non Core Agencies
  • 17 Teaching Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • 10 Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Science
  1. 308 Ministries Departments Agencies on IPPIS
  1. 29 MDAs on Trial Payroll Today